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Hong Kong Family Visa

Hong Kong Family Visa or Dependant Visa/Entry Permit

Table of Contents

When people start their new business in a foreign country, they want to bring their loved ones with them to the country to live. A family-oriented person cannot live without his family as most people know that Hong Kong is the most attractive location for entrepreneurs.

Being the most attractive location for business people, Hong Kong is also an excellent location for bringing your family here with you. You can get your spouse and unmarried children for living in hong kong by showing the hong kong immigration department the dependant visa.

The dependant visa offers many privileges to the families of people living in hong kong for working purposes. When you make your family apply for a dependent visa, you should show them as the legal dependents because the hong kong immigration department refers only those.

There is a complete process for applying for a dependent visa in hong kong in order to get a visa or entry permit. This article will help you get enough knowledge about family visas or entry permits in hong kong.

What are the eligibility criteria for applicants residing in hong kong?

If you hold an employment visa for working in Hong Kong, you can bring your family to the country by applying for a dependant visa application. The dependant visa serves as a relocation visa or entry permit for the intermediate family members, including spouses and children less than 18 years of age.

The hong kong permanent residents can also apply for dependent visas application. The number of persons in one’s family will determine how many dependent visa applications you will need to file in the hong kong immigration department.

Your family can live, study or work in hong kong till you work there because the dependent visa is joined with the principal visa holder’s stay length. So, for example, if you have the principle visa for two years in hong kong, then your family will be eligible only for two years.

Who can easily apply for a family visa or entry permits in hong kong?

Your family can visit hong kong by having a hong kong visa, but for living purposes, you have to pass through a proper process that will provide you with a visa or entry permit in hong kong for living.

There are different categories for people who can apply for a hong kong visa or entry permit given below:

Category No 1:

If you are a hong kong permanent resident or you have an unconditional stay in hong kong, then this category for your family:

  • Wife
  • unmarried kids below the age of 18
  • the kids whose you are a legal guardian
  • Parents if they are aged 60 or above

Category No 2:

Suppose you have a hong kong visa or entry permit for professional investment, job, or studies in a local institution. In that case, one can apply for a dependant visa under the quality migrant admission scheme. You can bring only people from your family given below:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried kids under the age of 18

After choosing your category, you will move forward with other things needed for getting a hong kong visa or entry permit. First of all, one will get a dependent visa application from the immigration department of hong kong. That application should fulfill the certain conditions given below:

  • You will provide the hong kong government with reasonable proof of your relationship with the applicants to enter hong kong. It means you have to show a genuine connection between sponsor and dependent.
  • It would help if you were careful about having no known record of detrimental to the applicant of dependant visa.
  • The last thing is that the sponsor’s financial standing should be enough to support and provide proper accommodation to the family while living in hong kong.

The conditions/ entry arrangement that we have mentioned above are not applied to the following people:

  1. Mainland Chinese residents residing in hong kong
  2. Nationals of Cuba, Afghanistan, and Albania
  3. Hong Kong permanent residents
  4. Chinese residents of mainland china residing in Macau living under a one-way permit scheme as former mainland Chinese residents

Which documents are needed to get a dependent visa for an exit-entry permit in hong kong?

There are two categories in the document prior permission, i.e., one from the applicants residing and the second from the sponsor.

Applicants should submit the following documents:
  1. First of all, you will provide the completed dependant visa application form. Every family member has an application form. If the kids are below the age of 16, the legal guardian or parent will sign the form.
  2. The dependants whose sponsors are applying for their visa or entry permit in hong kong for any purpose such as training visa, studies, professional work, etc., don’t need to fill in the different dependant visa application forms. The reason is that the sponsor’s prior permission application has a built-in section. So it can be submitted together without any problem.
  3. Attach a photocopy of your hong kong identity card if you have any.
  4. If you are a resident of Macau as a resident of mainland China, attach the resident identity card.
  5. Taiwan residents should attach the Taiwan identity card and a copy of the household registration.
  6. The copy of proof of your relationship with the sponsor. It includes marriage certificates and childbirth certificates, family photos, letters, etc. In addition, you need to attach a privilege card for single child applicants.
  7. Particular pages of passport copies should be attached with the application form. In this case, if you are presently living in hong kong, you will secure a copy of your passport with the arrival stamp of entry permit label. On the other hand, if you are a mainland china resident who hasn’t a travel document, you can submit a copy of the people’s republic of china’s resident identity card.
Documents needed to be submitted by the sponsor:
  1. Attach part B filled in the dependant visa form.
  2. Add a copy of the Hong Kong identity card if the sponsor has it.
  3. Attach a copy of proof of the sponsor’s financial standing, including bank statements, salary slips, tax receipts, and saving accounts.
  4. Proof of sponsor’s accommodation which includes rental receipts.
  5. Copy of particular personal pages of sponsor passport to visit hong kong. If he is currently staying in hong kong, then a copy of his passport, including the stamp of entry permit label of hong kong.

Some things to consider while submitting documents for entering hong kong:

If you have the built-in application for a dependant visa, both sponsor and applicant must work on it; you cannot submit it simultaneously. Because, in this case, the sponsor cannot be able to attach the rental receipts or salary slips with the application form.

If you are one of those who want a dependent visa, the sponsor should need to attach a furnishing copy of the principal employment contract sharing benefits, salary, etc. This copy attachment with the application form will elaborate on the sponsor’s ability to have the family in Hong Kong.

Moreover, it would help if one remembered that all the documents you will submit to the Hong Kong SAR would be in English or Chinese only. However, once you submit the documents in order to visit Hong Kong, the immigration department can call you for further documents when it is essential.

What is the procedure of application for visiting hong kong?

First of all, the sponsor and applicant will complete all their documentation needed and checked by the immigration officer. Once all the documentation is completed, then you will submit it to the immigration department of hong kong to get a valid visa.

If you live overseas, you can easily submit your documents to the Chinese embassy. You can submit your documents to the consular mission of your country. There should be another case; if you are living in mainland China and have a foreign countries passport, then you can send your documents to the immigration department of hong kong located in Beijing.

For the people who have the built-in application forms for immigration status, the sponsor will submit the applicant’s documents within the principle visa application form, which can be for various purposes such as employment visa, study training visa, etc.

Timeline of application approval after submitting:

After submitting all the documents to the immigration department, you have to wait for almost six weeks for processing with the last revision date. If your dependent visa application is successful, then the immigration officer will issue you the entry permit label of hong kong.

After the entry permit is issued, then the sponsor can take it from the department and send it to the family through the post. The entry permits require you to attach the blank visa page of your passport. You will present this to immigration status for pre-arrival registration.

Once you get the supporting documents to enter hong kong, you can come and live in hong kong easily with the sponsor having suitable accommodation. Then, you can renew your dependent visa under the capital investment entrant scheme for a transit hong kong visa.

For this purpose, you will attach the quality migrant admission scheme and diplomatic and official passports of sponsors and applicants.

What is the process of applying for same-sex marriage?

The applicants concerning sponsors such as de-facto spouses, same-sex marriage, and direct blood relatives are not eligible for a dependent visa in hong kong. There are some entry restrictions for those applicants. The non-permanent residents also require prior permission for exit endorsement.

Process for Chinese diplomatic and official passports:

In order to enter hong kong, you can get an alternative method whether you are a British citizen or a Taiwan resident. The public security bureau office will help the people with entry arrangements in such cases. In addition, you can contact the Chinese diplomatic, consular mission for relevant Chinese diplomatic. They can provide you with the travel document.

The Chinese resident is already eligible for getting a mainland travel permit. The mainland residents of the democratic people’s republic have the local degree-awarding institution, which offers diplomatic passports to the mainland residents.

The exit endorsement for Serbian passports issued and Indian nationals are from the third country. The hong kong SAR requires relevant exit endorsement for Indian nationals. They will provide the residents with the supporting documents for pre-arrival registration.

The Vatican service passports and costa Rican provisional passports can also use this route to enter hong kong along with a dependent visa. To enter hong kong, there is not a complicated process.


The nationals of hong kong should hold a transit hong kong visa for living in other countries for various purposes. On the other hand, the Chinese applicants and foreign county applicants should adopt a different process for getting a dependent visa in hong kong.

In this article, we have helped you and guided you to get the family visa/ permit to enter hong kong as a permanent resident. Therefore, the sponsor and applicant should remain active during the filling and submitting process for living in hong kong.

We hope this visa/permit entry article will aid you and enable you to understand and get enough information about family visas for people working in hong kong. Best of luck!