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Hong Kong Company Incorporation Service

Hong Kong Company Incorporation Service 2022

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Hong Kong Company Incorporation services are rising in popularity recently, as 3E Accounting is aware of why so many businesses are interested in establishing operations in Hong Kong. Starting a business in Hong Kong is easy and can be done online in a few days. A foreign business person may possess the sole directorship and shareholders as well as 100% of the stock of a company operating in Hong Kong.

This implies that you do not require a local partner to launch a firm. Hong Kong, quite possibly the most aggressive economy in the world, serves as a gateway for foreign investors into China and the rest of Asia.

The major factors that draw foreign investors to incorporate businesses in the nation and how to incorporate a company in Hong Kong are the proximity to Asian markets, capital independence, a solid financial system, and an active investment climate. These elements have been significant motivators for investors worldwide to select Hong Kong as a top location to establish a business.

Hong Kong Company Incorporation Service 2022

You must register your business with the Company Registrar to launch your Hong Kong business. The Companies Registry is responsible for processing applications for the formation of local limited corporations and for incorporating non-Hong Kong companies founded elsewhere but have a firm in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong firm incorporation procedures

  • The online business incorporation form must be completed and submitted.
  • Please send an email with the necessary company details and a receipt for the fees for founding a Hong Kong company.
  • The Hong Kong business registration documents will be emailed to you from your organization for your signatures as soon as we receive your money.
  • Upon receipt of your scanned, signed papers, an organization will contact you to conduct a primary identification check with you.
  • After the verification, an organization will proceed to incorporate the business with CR.
  • Certificate of Incorporation issued by CR.
  • 3E Accounting will provide you with all the necessary registration documentation for your records once the company incorporation in Hong Kong procedure has been completed.
  • According to 3E Accounting’s prior experiences with HK business and CR company registration, the complete process of company incorporation Hong Kong will take between 3 and 5 working days.

 Incorporating a Private Limited Company in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, establishing a private limited (Pte Ltd) corporation is the most popular and widely used business structure. Private firms limited by shares, sometimes known as the “private company incorporation procedure, and public company incorporation procedure,” represent most small to medium-sized businesses in Hong Kong. Due to its many benefits, it is frequently chosen over other kinds of business vehicles:

Benefits of Forming a Private Llc

1. A distinct legal entity.

A private limited corporation has its own legal identity and can act on its behalf to buy assets, incur debt, engage in contracts, sue, and be sued.

2. Restrictive liability.

The quantity of the shareholder’s investment determines the extent of their liability. Generally, shareholders’ private assets cannot be sought after if a firm runs into debt.

3. Continuous succession.

Any changes to the membership will not impact the continuation and functioning of the company. The company’s business functions won’t be affected by changes in stockholders (shareholders or directors who pass away, quit, or become bankrupt) after it has been established in Hong Kong. This indicates that the business enjoys perpetual succession.

4. It is simple to raise financing for businesses.

An incorporate limited company can always obtain business financing more quickly than other entities.

5. It’s simple to transfer ownership.

A limited company incorporated permits the transfer of full or partial ownership by selling all (or a portion of) its outstanding shares or issuing new shares to new company incorporation procedure and new investors. Additionally, business operations do not impact, and legal paperwork is simple.

6. Tax incentives and benefits.

In Hong Kong, limited private corporations are eligible for several tax breaks.

  • The corporate tax rate for corporations is 16.5% of their assessable profits, also referred to as the profits tax.
  • Starting with the assessment year beginning or after April 1, 2018, the 2 income tax rate regime was in effect.
  • The corporate profit tax rate reduces to 8.25 percent for the initial $2 million in profits.
  • Profits that are more than that will still be taxed at a rate of 16.5%.
  • Hong Kong’s taxation system uses a territorial system of taxation. Only profits made in Hong Kong are subject to taxation.
  • Hong Kong does not charge capital gains tax, sales tax, VAT, or holding dividend taxes and interest.
  • Every year, taxes had to be declared.

Incorporating a non-Hong Kong company

A company is considered a non-Hong Kong company if it was founded outside of Hong Kong but maintained a permanent location there. Within one month after opening a place of company in Hong Kong, a non-Hong Kong firm must apply for registration.

Incorporating a non-Hong Kong company

The following documents must be submitted that is documents required for incorporating company: (in hardcopy or electronically)

Type NN1

  • A verified copy of the document outlining the organization’s charter(For example, the organization’s charter, bylaws, or articles of incorporation)
  • A legal document of the business’s most recent set of financial statements
  • A Notice to the Office of Business Registration (Form IRBR2)
  • It will take roughly 10 working days for the approval to be granted when the proper and completed forms are submitted, together with the registration costs.
  • Electronic certificates are granted an hour following the submission of the necessary paperwork, although paper applications may take several days.

Why are the company incorporation packages offered by 3E Accounting the best in Hong Kong?

You may quickly establish your firm by working with 3E Accounting to complete business incorporating in Hong Kong. As a leading business incorporation service, we are one of the most affordable company Hong Kong LLC formation. To make it simple for our customers to start a business in Hong Kong, we provide a variety of company formation packages. Customers may effortlessly run their businesses by selecting the appropriate company formation bundle based on their needs.


Do we need to hire a qualified organization to establish a Hong Kong business?

If you live in Hong Kong, you are not required to hire a professional services company to incorporate your Hong Kong company check; instead, you have the option of doing it yourself.

However, using the assistance of a professional services business is strongly advised, given the complexity of requirements for incorporation of a company processes and continuing statutory compliances. If you are a non-resident and want to form a company with company formation agents in Hong Kong, you must hire a professional firm to work on your behalf.

Do businesses require a Hong Kong collaborator to incorporate?

No, local shareholders or directors are not necessary for Hong Kong incorporation services of corporations. However, for the business and increasing statutory compliance needs, you’ll probably require the assistance of a business services supplier.

Your corporate service provider will typically serve as your registered address agent and company secretary. Additionally, they will take care of your company’s annual filing requirements. If necessary, they can also offer to nominate chairman and nominee shareholder services.

What are the guidelines for Hong Kong-incorporated corporations’ yearly filings?

The requirements for annual filing include:

  • Registration of annual returns for Hong Kong incorporation companies
  • Submission of annual tax returns with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Authority

How much will it cost to incorporate with the government?

Two fees need to be paid:

  • Paying the Companies Registry’s Hong Kong company formation fee
  • Fee for Business Registration with the Department of Internal Revenue (tax authority in Hong Kong)

Private limited company incorporation with a share capital must be incorporated and pay the current registration fee to the Companies Registry. The Inland Revenue Authority also charges the following costs for a Business Registration Certificate: HKD2,250* for a 1-year Certificate and HKD5,950* for a 3-year Certificate.

What Is Information Included in a Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation?

The Hong Kong corporate formation Certification of Incorporation’s essential details are as follows:

  • Your company’s tax identification number
  • Your type of certificate
  • The company’s full name in Chinese, English, or both
  • Date of the formation of your business

Your document’s legitimacy can be checked using the Integrated Corporations Registry Information Management system (ICRIS). This is the online system for the Hong Kong Company Registrar. The Hong Kong corporate records formation Company Verification the reports and Chinese Certificate Verification are additional options.

How long does it take in Hong Kong to form a company?

An average open Hong Kong corporation can be incorporated in 5-7 working days. However, it can take longer if you live abroad due to the practicalities of signing and sending the necessary company registration documents via courier.


A wise decision when determining where to establish yourself is to incorporate in Hong Kong. You may start your firm sooner due to a stable economy, robust labor markets, and business-friendly tax policies. As a result, you can spend less time bogged down in paperwork and more time expanding it.

You would be astounded by Hong Kong’s ability to lead the pack in many positive elements of the world despite occupying such a small space and having such a small population. Every day at Sleek, we assist clients in establishing their businesses in Hong Kong. If you have any inquiries about incorporation, contact us for helpful information.