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Easily create your Hong Kong company from anywhere With FinTech Account

So, what do I get?

Handling HK inclusion remotely

Search for a New Company Name

Association Articles (including copies of bound certified)

Statutory books and share certificates

Signed documents must be submitted to the Companies Registry.

CI and BR government fees settlement

Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate for one year.

Company secretary designee

Nomination of a company secretary to oversee business maintenance and serve for one year following incorporation.

Significant Controllers Register (SCR)

In accordance with the Companies Ordinance 1 group of Significant Controllers

Address of registered office with electronic business stamp

Correspondence Address of the respected business in Hong Kong

Government and bank memos will be delivered to the address you provide.

Supply of an electronic business stamp

Remote multi-currency account registration

Create a business transaction account with Currenxie / WorldFirst / Payoneer / Statrys / Neat / Airwallex in seconds. International money transactions are allowed by these accounts.

Let’s Get Started

Here’s what you should know about HK incorporation and how we handle all the necessary paperwork for you.

Process time

  • A new company’s incorporation takes one business day.
  • The ownership transfer for a ready-made business takes one week.

Basic Requirements

  • Application form for Incorporation
  • Proposed Name of the Company
  • At least one director, shareholder, and company secretary are required (Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited will provide you with a company secretary in our package).
  • Passport of all directors and shareholders owning 25% or more of the company.
  • Selfie with your face and a clearly visible passport
  • Address proof issued during the past three months
  • Hong Kong registered office address (Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited will provide you with a prestigious office address in our package)

Registered Address

  • The Hong Kong Businesses Ordinance requires that all companies have a local registered address at the time of establishment. While you can use your home address as an office address as long as your rental agreement permits it and it can receive any contact and notices, keep in mind that this may infringe on your privacy because the address will be made public.
  • A business address is a more typical option for your registered office address. With our premium address on the 8th level of the China Hong Kong Tower, 8-12 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, you may enhance your company image.
  • Your company government and bank letters are received at our provided office address and sent to your specified address.

Low tax system

  • Hong Kong has a two-tiered tax structure, with entrepreneurs paying 8.25 percent on assessable income up to HK$2 million and 16.5 percent on revenues exceeding HK$2 million. The 8.25 percent profit tax rate is among the lowest in the world.
  • An employee’s salary tax is 15% and is calculated using the progressive rate of their net chargeable income.
  • Renting a property in Hong Kong has a normal tax rate of 15% on the net assessable value of the property.
  • Entrepreneurs can also choose Personal Assessment to reduce their tax responsibilities and reduce income chargeable by profits, salaries, and property taxes.
  • Mandatory employee contributions to the Mandatory Provident Fund plan are among the items that can be deducted.
  • Contributions to approved occupational retirement plans
  • Business losses incurred in the assessment year
  • Losses carried forward from prior years under personal assessment

Useful Offerings

  • We will appoint a company secretary to assist you in drafting and filing the annual report for the firm. They will guarantee that your house can provide staff with the necessary forms, rules, and regulations.
  • While you wait for your formal bank account, you may conduct your first commercial transaction.
  • The business booster package includes a digital bank (FinTech) account, and our specialist will assist you in setting an account with one of our associated FinTech providers for quick worldwide money transfers, such as Statrys, Neat, Currenxie, Airwallex, Payoneer, and WorldFirst.

Registration Made Easy

Don’t worry. The four simple procedures for forming a corporation in Hong Kong.

  1. FREE company name verification
  2. Sign the paperwork for incorporation.
  3. Submit your company to the Companies Registry.
  4. Create a bank account

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Why Hong Kong?

Change the Future. Initiate Your Business in the Heart of Asia

Hotspot for Business

The outstanding position of Hong Kong allows businesses to readily reach numerous nations, particularly Mainland China.

Rapid Incorporation

It takes between 1 and 5 business days for remote business registration in Hong Kong, which makes it an extremely convenient option for entrepreneurs.

Simple Tax System

The economic tax collecting system in Hong Kong is very advantageous for businesses, with rates ranging from 8.25 percent to 16.5 percent based on assessable profits.

Workforce Competence

The competent and knowledgeable work force in Hong Kong has a high level of education, is adaptable, and well-informed.

Excellent Infrastructure

Telecommunication is competitive and cutting-edge; however, shipping, logistics, and freight forwarding all are efficient.

Legal Protections

Hong Kong has a solid legal system and a secure environment that provides good protection for international firms.

You Are Free to Ask Us Anything.

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Check out our most frequently asked questions to see whether we addressed your concerns.

Is it necessary for me to be in Hong Kong to start my business?

The answer to this question is No. We will conduct identification verification after all needs and paperwork have been supplied electronically, allowing you to launch your new company without having to go to Hong Kong.

Should the company’s director be a Hong Kong resident?

Well, it is not necessary for a company’s director to be a Hong Kong Resident. In Hong Kong, a foreigner can open a business. They might be the company’s sole director and shareholder. However, a resident company secretary is required, which Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited may offer.

What exactly is a ready-made company?

It is sometimes referred to as a ‘shelf company’ or a ‘shell corporation.’ These firms are registered for resale to a new company owner and have no past business activity; thus, they are debt-free.

While shelf firms must still follow the same set of rules as new companies, corporate directors and stockholders are permitted and have no limits on their nationality.

What is the difference between ready-made and brand-new businesses?

  Ready-Made Company   All-New Enterprise  
Date of Registration   Because it is ready-made, earlier registration dates might give enterprises a more established feel.   In contrast to ready-made businesses, new businesses may require time and effort to establish trust with their consumers and suppliers.  
Process Duration   The ownership transfer takes around a week to complete.   It just takes one business day to get started. The presence of the company’s director(s) and shareholder(s) is essential.  
Fees   Its charge is often more than that of a brand-new firm. However, some shelf firms have very high prices due to their early incorporation and the expense of previous government payments.   For brand-new businesses, the only amount the clients must pay is for the incorporation package, plus any other services they choose to use.  
Renewal every year   For ready-made firms, the renewal date is sooner than the purchase date, implying that the due date is shorter than one year following the purchase. The anniversary date of incorporation is the renewal date for newly established corporations.

Can I open a bank account from my home?

To comply with their Know-Your-Client (KYC) procedure, traditional banks still prefer face-to-face visits, making bank account applications lengthy and laborious in the end. However, corporate service providers can still let you create remote company accounts without a physical presence.

What is a FinTech (financial technology) account, and why should I open one?

FinTech is an acronym for Financial Technology, and it refers to an alternative multi-currency banking platform for entrepreneurs who are working their way up to obtain a regular bank account. FinTechs enable them to create an account quickly and remotely and conduct worldwide business activities such as paying suppliers or receiving payments from global bank accounts at any time.


As with traditional bank account opening, there are limits on the firms and countries that can open an account owing to the sanction lists of various FinTech providers.

These companies typically impose processing fees for both incoming and outgoing payments. They also charge a membership fee to keep your company account active.

What does a corporate secretary do?

A company secretary is the firm’s representative and is responsible for ensuring that the company conforms with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. It is a legal need to engage such a person when forming a company in Hong Kong since he or she will be in charge of the following:

  • Annual returns must be prepared and submitted.
  • Serve as the Significant Controllers Register’s designated representative (SCR).
  • Keep in touch with the government and regulatory authorities such as the Companies Registry, IRD, SFC, and HKEX.
  • Keeping official records
  • Ensure that Hong Kong laws and regulatory regulations are followed.

Why Should You Choose Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited?

We go above and beyond to provide a smooth incorporation procedure for you.

Expert Service Provider

With over 3,000 clients served and solid contacts with abroad partners handled by our staff, we have over 12 years of expertise in company formation services.

System of Direct Pricing

There are no hidden fees, only pure services. We provide high-quality solutions without breaking the bank, and our fees and benefits are fair and transparent.

Stress-Free Application

Our hands-on incorporation professionals constantly perform essential follow-ups and never miss an opportunity to keep you updated on the status of your application.

Reliable Consultants

Our staff goes far above to provide you with tailored guidance and end-to-end help in their area and incorporation procedure.

24-Hour Customer Service

We’re only one DM away. Your time is valuable, and our dependable specialists are always available to respond to your Whatsapp message at any time of the day.

One-Stop Platform

Never be concerned about finding an effective answer after your company has been founded. We have everything you need from start to finish, so you can concentrate on your company.

Other Services we excel at

Here are some other ways we can help your business develop while you relax.

Easy Bookkeeping with Xero Cloud Accounting & Tax

With Xero, every entrepreneur’s ideal partner, you can easily manage your company’s finances. A cloud-based accounting platform integrated with Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited audit and tax arrangement allows you to handle your bills, invoicing, and payroll easily from anywhere, at any time.

A dedicated individual will also be assigned to monitor and file Hong Kong Government taxes using Xero accounting records.

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