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Registered Office Address Service in Hong Kong

Registered Office Address Service

For Hong Kong Company Formation and Ongoing Compliance

For continuous incorporation and business registration in Hong Kong Registered Office Address is required. On company registration, every Hong Kong limited company must furnish a local postal address (other than a PO box) to the Companies Registry and keep the address after incorporation.

Registered Office Address Service in Hong Kong

It is appropriate for all Hong Kong private limited companies.

Address Sharing        

For one year, we have shared our office address as the registered office address of your Hong Kong Company.

Letter Forwarding

We solely store your company’s government letters.

For one year, we will forward all letters to your designated address.

All costs associated with letter delivery are removed from your delivery-expense account.

We first collect $100 from you and put it into this account.

US$ 400 per firm (including a deposit of US$ 100) 

* The service charge is only applicable to our current clients.

Our Capability

STEPHEN M.S LAI & CO CPA LTD provides our address for your Hong Kong limited company for the following purposes:

Company incorporation compliance

Your company’s ongoing compliance

With letter forwarding, your local mailbox will gather Hong Kong government correspondence.


The Registered Office Address service is not available on its own; you must first join our:

If you wish to establish a Hong Kong business, use our Hong Kong Limited Company Formation Service; 

If you want to move your Hong Kong company’s registered office address to us, use our Hong Kong Company, Secretary Service.

Letter forwarding

In accordance with our Hong Kong business creation service:

We send your letter to the address you choose once a quarter.

The delivery fee is deducted from your letter-delivery expenditure account.

We first take US$100 from you to credit your expenditure account.

We will cease sending letters if the account does not have adequate funds (we will make prior notice to you).

Address for Correspondence

We exclusively handle correspondence from the Hong Kong government. You should also sign up for our Hong Kong Virtual Office Service if you require us to handle letters from other senders and utilize this address as your company’s communication address with other parties.