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How to Make Business Website Looks More Trustworthy

How to Make Business Website Looks More Trustworthy?

When your consumers buy from you, they believe in your company and your brand. After your website has captured your target client’s attention, the customer has very little time to decide whether this is a trustworthy business; if not, the customer does not stay and exits instantly.

Here are five easy ideas for any business website manager to raise the trustworthiness of their website and their firm.

Graphic design

Although aesthetics are subjective, people come to your website looking for information and want to absorb it as quickly as possible. Regardless of your industry, your website visitors will prefer that vital content on your website is clean and orderly organized. 

Because mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular, your website must be easy to read on these tiny screen devices. Fortunately, Google offers extensive site design recommendations for mobile devices, which we strongly suggest.

The content has been updated

A timestamp indicating the most recent modification date should be posted alongside the material, whether you are updating the content of a page or a post on your blog. This timestamp communicates to your visitors that your website is being watched. The timestamp should be put on top of regularly updated material.

Furthermore, you can use “to indicate that any text is incorrect or has been removed when updating the material. Instead of eliminating the information, strikethrough text might inform your clients about the changes.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ pages are a summary of the most frequently asked questions from your customers; it precisely encompasses all the information that your consumers are interested in but cannot find a straight answer to on other web pages on your site. Customers may get straight answers to their questions on the sites, which helps them make decisions faster and gives them a sense of established business in the long run.

Live conversation

Email is a dependable and widely utilized way of corporate communication; it is a must-have contact mechanism on every website.

Integrating a live chat service on your website will help you reach out to more clients since live chat can focus on customers who want an immediate response from your company. It might also offer your consumers a dynamic sense.

Social media and instant messaging

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Create these accounts for your company (or brand) and display them on your “Contact us” page; they can serve as an alternate contact point for your consumers instead of email – which seems to be a professional conversation.

You may also integrate social media profiles of your colleagues and founder members on your website (Privacy alert: use the privacy settings of these social media, or build separate accounts for the public), giving your clients the impression that your firm is operated by individuals they know.

On the “Contact Us” tab, we have included Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter accounts.

Brand Story

You may include your brand story on the top or a separate page. Sharing your personal business experience with consumers will bring you closer to them and earn their trust. Improve brand image, provide various functions

On the “Our Team” tab, we have provided LinkedIn profiles of our founding members, Raymond WONG and Danny CHAN.

Conclusion: Allow your clients to fall in love with your brand from the bottom of their hearts.

Growing a successful business requires you to cultivate relationships with your clients. Take your customers’ input seriously and respond to reasonable demands.