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Hong Kong Training Visa Requirements

Table of Contents

The Visa is intended for students to work in Hong Kong for at least 12 months for training in “special skills and expertise which can not find elsewhere within a country/territory.” It can consider favorably if the application has no history of serious crimes. The applicants have established an agreement with an accredited sponsor that can provide training, and the parties have signed a contract.

The Visa is designed for investors wishing to start a business in Hong Kong. You can continue to read if you are interested to learn about the Hong Kong visa requirements.

Hong Kong visa – complete details

You may be asking how to obtain a visa to visit Hong Kong soon. First and foremost, you must determine if you require a visa to enter the country. It means that nationals of around 170 nations are not required to obtain a visa to enter the region.

The rest, you may find out by using Google Visa Checker. Make sure you select Hong Kong as your destination from the drop-down option. It won’t take long for the truth to come to light. You have two options for a Hong Kong visa: apply for one at a Chinese embassy in your home country or through the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

What Do I Need to Apply for a Hong Kong Visa?

The documentation required for a particular Hong Kong visa application may vary. Additional documentation may be needed to apply for a business visa than a travel visa. The method can change at any time by the government of Hong Kong, so make sure you are prepared and up-to-date at all times.

Obtaining a Visa for Hong Kong: The Requirements

Your arrival in Hong Kong will necessitate the acquisition of an entry visa if you plan to live, work or study there. Even if your firm sponsors your transfer to Hong Kong, much of the visa administration will be handled for you. However, you must know your Hong Kong visa requirements for visiting Hong Kong and any constraints they may have for most ex-pats.

There are a few things to keep in mind while applying for any visa in China, so it’s good to check with the Chinese Embassy first. The return tickets, your trip schedule, and your passport should be kept in a safe place for future reference. A blank passport page is required for an admission stamp.

Procedures for Obtaining a Visa:

An entry visa to Hong Kong can be obtained at the nearest High Commission of Chinese or a consulate, depending on your point of origin in China. HKSAR’s immigration officer can also get your visa request from you either by mail or through a sponsor in your home country.

Many ways are there to speed up the procedure, including faxing application forms and supporting documentation. To avoid delays in processing your application, send the original copy of your duly filled application form and any relevant photographs to the HKSAR Immigration Department as soon as possible by airmail.

If you submit your visa application form in its whole, it will be processed and issued within a few business days.

Employment visa for Hong Kong:

A visa under the General Employment Policy (GEP) must be applied for those relocating to Hong Kong to work. This Visa is often only valid for a specified length of time, and you must have a confirmed employment offer to be eligible to apply.

The Hong Kong immigration department will request a statement from your company outlining the nature of the position, after which they will evaluate your submission. Their evaluation will be based on your qualifications, your salary and working conditions, whether you will be contributing to the local economy, and proof that the company has been unable to find a local person to fill the position.

You will be able to bring your spouse and any dependent children under the age of 18 with you if you are granted under the GEP policy, and your spouse will be able to work in Hong Kong without the requirement for an additional work visa.

There are also other sorts of visas available, such as:

  • Hong Kong student visas are available.
  • If you plan to study in Hong Kong, you will be required to provide official documentation before and after your visa application is processed.
  • Some examples of these documents to consider are a letter of acceptance from the university, proof of sufficient cash to cover the tuition, and living expenses throughout their stay.

Investment Visa: Hong Kong issues investment visas for self-employed. To apply for an investment visa, you must provide extensive documentation documenting your educational and professional history and the projected company activities, money, and job creation. 

  • Family Visa:

If you have a work or business visa, you can sponsor your spouse and minor children. Remember that if you lose your job, they lose their visa privileges. As a permanent resident of Hong Kong, you can sponsor your parents aged 60 or older.

Bring your family’s passports, birth certificates, and marriage certificates to apply for a dependant visa. The department of immigration will also need proof that you can sustain your family and that they are not criminals. Dependent spouses of foreign workers with work visas can work.

  • Training Visa:

Applicants for the Training Visa are foreign nationals seeking to enter Hong Kong for up to one year to obtain training from a well-established, bona fide company to gain unique skills and knowledge unavailable in the applicant’s home jurisdiction. Certain nationalities and Chinese citizens in mainland China are exempt from this entrance arrangement.

  • Permanent Residence Visa:

Permanent Residence, often known as “Right of Abode” in Hong Kong, is available to those granted a work visa under the employment for professionals scheme and have lived in Hong Kong for seven years. The application will only be considered if it meets all visa requirements.

Application Process:

To apply for a visa, employees must first fill out the correct form and include all necessary documents like a Hong Kong id card, and check eligibility criteria. It is required that the employee offer a translation of any documents not in English or Chinese. Besides that, a valid passport from their home country is required for further details.

There are two ways to apply: by mail or by hand. After approval, they can immediately proceed to the nearest immigration office. Mainland Chinese nationals can apply for a work permit at the Hong Kong government office in Beijing, where your employee may be employed. A local sponsor, such as a potential employer, can also apply on your behalf.

Taiwan PAR to Hong Kong:

To enter Hong Kong for up to 30 days, Taiwanese people who have a “right of abode” (ROA) in the People’s Republic of China can show their Mainland Travel Permit. Taiwanese National ID Cards can be obtained by those with “right of abode” in Taiwan.

A Hong Kong PAR can be obtained through an easy online application by Chinese applicants with ROA in Taiwan who does not have a Mainland china Travel Permit. Providing the very minimum of information necessitates only a few minutes of your time.

Taiwanese people can travel to Hong Kong for up to 30 days at a time limit with double-entry electronic travel permission known as an approved HK PAR. Two months is the maximum validity period of the Hong Kong Passport.

It is important to print the authorized HK PAR Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration once a resident of Taiwan has completed an online PAR registration and obtained email approval.

PAR from the United Kingdom to Hong Kong:

BNO holders can already enter the United Kingdom without a limited period of a six-month Hong Kong visa.

So they will now be able to apply for 30 months or five years of leave to remain in the UK and become full British citizens eventually.

BNO holders are permitted to bring immediate dependents, including a spouse who does not have a passport and children under eighteen, to the UK.

No one born after 1997 is eligible for a BNO passport, and the document does not carry down through the generations as it does in other countries. However, those who are part of a family unit born in 1997 or after and are older than 18 will be eligible to apply, provided they are the offspring of the holders.


The average job visa is only valid for a short period, although employees have the option of extending their visas. They need to submit their application at least four weeks before it expires. This two-three-three-year schedule is typical for most employment visas. All other cases will cut their extension time in half, save for those that end before the Hong Kong visa expires due to an agreed-upon fixed employment contract.