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Hong Kong non-profit company registration

Introduction to Hong Kong Non-profit Company Registration

Table of Contents

In the world of businesses, entrepreneurs use their money in making non-profit organizations which enables them to use their charity proposed amount for the services of humankind in various fields of life.

Many of you who are interested in being a businessman in the future wonder how non-profit organizations work and the profits behind this and how the registration can be done, especially in hong kong.

Most commonly, the business entity who already have achieved everything in their businesses work on this specifically because it has many advantages, and the process behind the registration of non-profit organizations in Hong Kong companies is easy.

When professional business people do this, it might be a difficult task, but company registration in hong kong is very easy to do. They welcome non-profit organizations and foundations in their country.

So, in this article, we will help you by providing a complete guide about hong kong companies for a non-profit organization. So let’s move and clear all the doubts!

What are Non-profit making organizations in hong kong?

Business leaders from the world opt to make non-profit organizations for many reasons. Still, at first, we should know what non-profit making organization is and what are their motives behind this formation.

The non-profit organizations are made by keeping an idea in mind that these organizations will be used for the services of common people. These non-profit-making organizations in hong kong company will not take any money from the purposes they are investing money in.

Money from the different companies’ ordinance is invested in a specific purpose, such as research donations, membership fees, scholarships for students. Any profit they get from these sources will not benefit anyone related to that businessman’s company.

This is the primary concept based on which these non-profit organizations work in hong kong. That’s why these organizations are known as charity organizations which are made especially to help people in a different way.

Types of Non-profit making organizations:

The hong kong community allowed various types of non-profit-making organizations to register and work there freely. You can choose which non-profit organization will help you in your charitable purposes.

Here, you have to remember that every non-profit organization is not used for charitable nature beneficial to the people.

Charitable purposes non-profit organizations in hong kong:

The charitable non-profit-making organizations invest their money on the help of people in various things such as education, health, etc. These non-profit making organizations tend to provide aid in such sectors by giving scholarships to eligible students and health facilities to the needy.

The non-profit organizations made for charitable purposes offers different type of advantages to the business leaders in hong kong company. They provide you the benefit from a tax exemption which you can get from the inland revenue department of hong kong.

This type is the most common type of nonprofit organization.

non-charitable non-profit organizations in hong kong:

As we have mentioned above, every non-profit making organization is not meant for charity. This type includes homeownership, clubs memberships, work with associations for their own advantages to the business entity.

The purpose of forming such organizations in hong kong is to get mutual benefits from it. This type of non-profit organization opt for their benefits, not for public benefit. That’s why they are considered the least good form of non-profit organizations.

Advantages to the business entity in non-profit organizations in hong kong company:

The main purpose of making the non-profit organizations is to help the people by re-investing the funds without getting any profits from any source. Even if you have invested in making a non-profit organization, you will not use profits from such sources.

You will use that profits for the help of humankind in terms of health, education, research, and programs which will be beneficial for you in the business world eventually. That’s why business people want to invest in making a new hong kong company.

The business people get the following advantages by making hong kong company of non-profit organization:

  • Limited liability
  • Legal entity
  • eligibility of private and public grants
  • satisfaction by helping people
  • Tax exemption

Services offered by a non-profit organization:

The formation of a non-profit organization in hong kong is to help people in various purposes, including:

  • education
  • health
  • Arts and culture
  • Religious purposes
  • social programs
  • human services

Rules for qualifying in making a non-profit organization in hong kong:

Whether you are making a new hong kong company for charity purposes for a mutual benefit non-profit organization, you have to follow the given below rules:

  1. The non-profit organization you are going to make should be a non-governmental organization. It means you own a private organization.
  2. The organization you will make in hong kong cannot distribute the profits to anyone rather than for their development.
  3. Your organization should have a self-governing body corporate and well-established.

The company secretary should follow these basic rules for making hong kong company, but legal work is also there to be done properly.

Method of registration and incorporation for a non-profit organization in hong kong:

The non-profit organization registers very easily in hong kong for any purpose you want. The method of registration is straightforward. Most of the time, non-profit functions under the companies ordinance to work as a hong kong company limited.

First of all, you will form a limited liability company in hong kong. The purpose of making a limited liability company is to save the business people and business structure operating community projects from the risks, legal liabilities, and debts in the future.

Another reason behind the formation of limited liability company is to work out comfortably in hong kong companies. Moreover, with this, your organization in hong kong can offer their services in a better way without any tension.

The Hong Kong community allows you to easily get suitable legal entities for making a new company or company secretary for the organizations.

Process of making setup of a new organization in hong kong:

For making a hong kong limited company, you have to follow a process that requires a legal entity and all the documents that are checked by the inland revenue department of hong kong. Business registration requires many things for proper setup, which we will discuss now.

The business process in hong kong as a nonprofit organization involves many steps that are mandatory to follow even in particular circumstances. Company formation requires qualified for a nonprofit or charity organization from the inland revenue department.

Step NO 1:

In the first step of company formation with a precise definition, you will pay an agency fee to get a name for your organization without a limited company name. For keeping everything legal, you need at least two directors.

One is to be a founding member, and the other will be the company secretary. You also need a registered office address from the societies office. Before starting to make a new company, keep in mind that the whole process will take at least five days to complete.

Step No 2:

The company in hong kong needs to pay the registration fee from your bank account after getting the company name to companies registry. The directors of hong kong then allow you to choose a business structure. At the same time, you have to submit the following documents to the directors to be checked:

  • photocopy of your passport
  • copy of articles of association
  • names of share capital, directors, and company secretary
  • obligations and responsibilities of share capital and directors
  • a questionnaire covering standard info such as address
  • copy of the official certificate as proof of your residency in hong kong
Step No 3:

after providing the controlling members with detailed information, the usual third step will start. Now the process of incorporation will take place under societies ordinance. After completion of all these steps, you will get official documents of a company in hong kong.

Business in hong kong takes five working days, which can be used for other purposes from the welfare department of hong kong. The natural person will gain your services from your business if it is charitable.

You can seek legal advice for all these purposes, which requires detailed information for making a company in hong kong. The company can be worked out properly if it passes all the rules and law for company formation.

Responsibilities for keeping up the business in hong kong:

The directors of the various companies in hong kong up keeping their business with a lot of responsibility. After getting assessable profits from the directors of hong kong company name, they should follow some obligations.

After the instrument adopted company formation, you need to pay employment taxes and wages through the profit you made by following documents. The annual registration fee from the written governing instrument should be paid in time.

The menu toggle helps you avoid the sufficient section related to your bank account from the inland revenue department in a specific form.

Bottom Line:

Though making a nonprofit organization in hong kong is easy, keeping it to stand out with their services is difficult to do. Read the whole article carefully and work for a good cause by making a company in hong kong.

If you understand how things work in a company in hong kong by following usual steps, then it will be easy for you to make a setup.